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After a chat between local writers, Mary Nightingale Bell and Chris Robinson, about the need for a writing group, Easington Writers was set up about ten years ago. It has developed into a springboard for burgeoning writing talent in the Easington District.

Easington Writers frequently works with others, for example East Durham Creates’ Easington Stories project where members of the community, adults and children, worked with Easington Writers to write about their perceptions of Easington past and present. For the last few years the group has also worked on the Crossing the Tees writing project as part of Tees Valley Book Festival.

While some members of the group are published more widely in poetry and short story anthologies and on the radio, other members of Easington Writers have gone on to place writing at the centre of their lives, including founder members Mary N. Bell and Chris Robinson. Mary has published books; her ‘Chronicle of Easington Colliery’, published in 2014, is available on Amazon.

Easington Writers focussed originally on heart felt narratives based on Easington’s mining heritage and contemporary tales of the disaffection of the young and the social consequences of the lost industrial base. Their tales and poems in the third anthology, ‘The Salt of the Earth’ now often focus on the beauty of the beaches, denes, and the sea; on the idiosyncrasies of the modern world with unique humour and lyricism.

Some members of Easington Writers are now producing novels which are independent of the work of the group but which are still supported by the group’s critiques and guidance. We look forward to working on our fourth anthology, with the theme of Fire, our ideas are sparking already.

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Latest News

Our New Website

We are currently in the process of developing our all new website, please check back at a later date for more information.

Easington Writers  to appear at Sedgefield Book Ends Festival 2018. 

Easington Writers will be reading extracts from their new anthology, "The Salt of the Earth" at Sedgefield Book Ends Festival on Thursday 4th October 2018. They will be at Ceddesfeld Hall from 1.30 until 3.30 when they will also be encouraging the audience to take part in some writing fun. Why not come along and take part?


Death of Mary N. Bell 

founder member of Easington Writers

We are very sad to say goodbye to Mary Bell, one of the founder members of Easington Writers. She was a driving force behind the group for many years and enriched the cultural environment of the Easington area. She died peacefully and will be greatly missed by her family, her colleagues in the NHS and by past and present members of Easington Writers. 

Our Latest Book

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The Salt of the Earth: Easington Writers

The Salt of the Earth