Durham Book Festival

Taking a leaf from David Almond's Half a Creature from the Sea, the book chosen for this year's Big Read, the community of East Durham were invited to share their own stories of childhood. Three have been committed to film in the authors' own words, streaming online throughout Durham Book Festival. You can view the readings below.

Snowflakes, Earthbound

Changing Tastes

The Straw Castle


Listen to a range of stories and poems told by our very own members of Easington Writers, plus a wide range of other matierial from northern writers and projects.

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Published Books

Our members have a number of books that have been published and are available to purchase on Amazon. We are grateful for all purchases and respectful of your reviews of our writing.


The Salt of the Earth: Easington Writers

The Salt of the Earth


Not a Minute on the Day: Life in the Coalfields of Durham by Ethel Stirman

'A land fit for heroes' the politicians promised, but Britain, post First World War, was still struggling to find peace on the home front. Having fought and worked hard to save their country, many were no longer prepared to accept the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots. Although Joe and Eva were born in the same colliery village, they grew up in different worlds. Now, they would have to face drastic changes if they were to make a life together. Already struggling to cope with changes in their everyday lives, they also had to deal with conflict and hardship during one of the bitterest political battles of the 1920s.

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From Tin Baths to Tin Hats: Easington Writers commemorate World War I

A collection of short stories and poetry written by members of Easington Writers to commemorate World War I.

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